Pre-built Databases

If you like what you see in one of the databases, but it is missing a feature you need, send in a request to explore the possibility of having the database tailored to add the feature.

 Tailor a Database Request (e-mail)

 View details  EQUIPMENT TRACKER - Monitor equipment inventory and job locations equipment currently at

 View details  LOANS - Calculate and track client loan payment schedules

 View details  INVENTORY USAGE - Monitor inventory usage and predict run-out date for inventory items

 View details  STUDENT WAIVERS - Training levels attained and privacy permissions to reveal them to inquirers

 View details  RESTAURANT MEMBERSHIP - Record sales and payments of a restaurant's memberships

 View details  BUILDING MAINTENANCE ADMINISTRATION - Record and follow up on building maintenance tasks and complaints

 View details  AGENT REAL ESTATE SALES TRACKING - Record sales, calculate commissions, keep a client base, prepare deal sheets


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